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The Cornwall Protestation Return 1641

On the 6th May 1641 a Bill was introduced in the House of Commons imposing the signing of a Protestation oath on all Englishmen of 18 years and above. All who refused to sign were deemed unfit to hold office in Church or Commonwealth.

At the end of February or the beginning of March 1641 the Protestation was read out in the parish churches. The parishioners then signed or made their mark in front of the officials present, who testified that the oath had been taken, or refused. Many women took the Protestation Oath. Many Roman Catholics refused.

Below are Grenfell ancestors (and variant spellings) who left their mark or signed the Protestation. 

From a transcript by RM Glencross Revised and with additional parishes transcribed by HL Douch.
Edited and published by TL Stoate.

Penwith Parishes

Mathew Glanvil

Digorie Glanfild

Mathew Grenfield

Arcales Grenfill
Thomas Granfull
Richard Grinfell
John Grinfeild – Church Warden

John Greinfield

Other Parishes (may be variants of Grenville)


Thomas Glanfeild
John Glanfeild
John Glanfeild


Peter Grenfield


Chamon Grenvile


John Glanfell

 East Looe Borough
 & St Martin’s Parish

John Glanvile


Henry Glanfell

 Lanteglos by Fowey

William Glanfilde
Laurence Glanfild


Nicolas Glanvill

South Petherin

John Glanvile

St Ive

Thomas Glanfeild
Francis Glanfeild
Edward Glanvile
Thomas Glanfeild jun.

St Keyne

Walter Glanvill

St Stephen
by Launceston

John Glanvile

St Winnow

Isaac Glanfell
William Glanfill

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