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Grenfell Members of Parliament 1802 -1959

Pascoe Grenfell 1761-1838WhigGreat Marlow, Buckinghamshire.1802-1820Governor of the Royal Exchange Assurance Company 1829-1838
Pascoe Grenfell 1761-1838WhigPenryn, Cornwall.1820-1826
Charles Pascoe Grenfell 1790-1867LiberalPreston, Lancashire.1847-1852Director of the Bank of England 1830-1864
Charles Pascoe Grenfell 1790-1867LiberalPreston, Lancashire.1857-1865
Charles William Grenfell 1823-1861LiberalSandwich, Kent.1847-1852
Charles William Grenfell 1823-1861LiberalWindsor, Berkshire.1852-1859
Henry Riversdale Grenfell 1824-1902LiberalStoke on Trent, Staffordshire.1862-1868Governor of the Bank of England 1881-1883
William Henry Grenfell 1855-1945LiberalSalisbury, Wiltshire1880-1886Later Lord Desborough
William Henry Grenfell 1855-1945ConservativeHereford, Herefordshire1892-1905
Cecil Grenfell 1864-1924LiberalBodmin, Cornwall.1910
Edward Charles Grenfell 1870-1941UnionistCity of London.1922-1935Later Lord St Just in Penwith
David Rhys Grenfell 1881-1968LabourThe Gower, South Wales.1922-1959Minister for Mines in World War II, Father of the House 1953-1959
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