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Baptisms: Taplow, Buckinghamshire 1804-1892

(Transcribed by Georgiana Baker)
DateYearSurnameForenameFather ForenameMother ForenameDetails
15-Jan1804GRENFELLLouisa OctaviaPascoe Esq.Hon. Georginaborn 24 December 1803
23-Jan1804GRENFELLHenrietta Maria JanePascoe Esq.Hon. Georginaborn 30 June 1801 & rebaptised
23-Jan1804GRENFELLMary AnnPascoe Esq.Hon. Georginaborn 22 September 1802 & rebaptised
20-Oct1805GRENFELLEmily CharlottePascoe Esq.Hon. Georgianaborn 25 September 1805
24-Dec1806GRENFELLMargaretPascoe Esq.Hon. Georgiana his second wifeborn 22 September 1806
20-Mar1808GRENFELLRiversdale Wm.Pascoe Esq.Hon. Georgiana his second wifeborn 29 Nov 1807
–Apr1809GRENFELLCaroline TemplePascoe Esq.Hon. Georgiana his second wife is testified to have been bapt. in this month. Born 23 Jan 1809 and dated 1818.
28-Feb1810GRENFELLFrancis NewenhamPascoe Esq.Hon. Georgiana his 2nd wifeborn 27 Jan 1810
05-Jan1813GRENFELLMaria FrenchPascoe Esq.Hon. Georginaborn 10 Dec 1812
22-May1814GRENFELLFrancis ElizaPascoe Esq.Hon. Georginaborn 30th April 1814
16-Dec1866GRENFELLMildred LouisaCharles Seymour EsquireElizabeth
30-Apr1868GRENFELLJuanita GertrudePascoe DuPre EsquireSophia
02-May1869GRENFELLJohn PascoePascoe DuPre merchantSophia
22-Sep1872GRENFELLCecily MaryCharles Seymour EsquireElizabeth
05-Apr1892GRENFELLEsme Winifred MaryRiversdale Francis JohnCecil BlancheHill House. Born 12 Feb
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