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A Notable Group of Cornishwomen

Transcribed from Notes and Queries – date unknown. *

Those who are acquainted with the” Journal and Letters ” of Henry Martyn, the saintly missionary to India and Persia, and whose name is commemorated in the Baptistry of Truro Cathedral, will not have forgotten how tenderly attached he was to a Cornish lady, of good family and of devoted piety, who lived with her mother at Gurlyn, near Marazion, and his letters to whom constitute a great feature in the volume. The lady’s name, as the Joumal discloses, was Lydia Grenfell.

Her brother, Mr. Pascoe Grenfell, M.P., many years afterwards, had four daughters married to four brothers of high distinction; one to Mr. Carr-Glynn, M.P. for Kendal, created Baron Wolverton; one to the Rev. Lord Sydney Godolphin Osborne, the S.G.O. of the” Times”; one to Charles Kingsley; and one to James Anthony Froude. Such a group of marriages in one family has seldom been known. The family must have been one of singular nobleness to produce four mates for four such husbands. G.H.

Where Lydia Grenfell Lived.
Miss Lydia Grenfell’s house at Marazion was near the church. Her school was below on the opposite side of the street. Miss Grenfell, whom I knew personally, paid a lady to teach the girls at Marazion who might not have been taught elsewhere, Mr. William Grenfell lived and died at Marazion. Miss Grenfell afterwards went to her sister, Mrs. Stephens, at Ashfield, near Falmouth, where she died.

* The long-running quarterly publication Notes and Queries, now published by Oxford University Press saw many regional spin offs in the 1900s  including Devon and Cornwall Notes & Queries which is published to this day.

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