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St. Ives, Cornwall

St Ives (in Cornish Porth Ia meaning ‘St Ia’s Cove’) is a traditional Cornish fishing town, which due to the decline of the fishing industry, now relies largely on tourism for its prosperity.

St Ives parish church is dedicated to St Ia, a 5th or 6th century Irish holy woman, and St Andrew the patron saint of fisherman. Due to its prominent position near the harbour, it is a welcoming landmark for fisherman coming into port. This closeness resulted in damage to the roof and a large window over the altar when a storm hit in 1697 and broke through the sea wall.

The parish of St Ives oversaw the Baptisms (1794-1837), Marriages (1756-1836) and Burials (1813-1837) of several Grenfell family members.

There are also two Methodist chapels built in 1831 and 1845 in which several Grenfell family members were baptised (1832-1900).

Further information about St Ives can be found on the relevant pages on Cornwall Online Parish Clerks website, the Genuki page dedicated to St Ives and West Penwith Resources.

St. Ives Parish Church
St Ives Parish Church
St Ives Methodist Church, Fore Street
St Ives Methodist Church, Fore Street
Barnoon Cemetery, St Ives, is the resting place of the following Grenfells:

Clarinda Grenfell d. 1860
Mary Richards nee Grenfell d. 1877
Anthony Grenfell d. 1884
Eleanor Grenfell d. 1870
Elizabeth Grenfell d. 1859
Thomas Grenfell d. 1880
Frederick Grenfell d. 1925.
Mabel Grenfell d. 1910
John Grenfell d. 1897
William Grenfell d. 1869
Anna Maria Grenfell d. 1903
John Grenfell d. 1932
Honor Grenfell d. 1938

Mary Grenfell d. 1901
Henry Grenfell d. 1905
Henry Grenfell d. 1921
Nancy Grenfell d. 1925
Richard Grenfell
Mary Grenfell
Minnie Grenfell
Annie Grenfell

More details of these Grenfells can be found on the St Ives Monumental inscriptions page.

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