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Ellis Island Records

These records have been transcribed from The Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island Foundation, Inc., website and reproduced with their permission. Clicking the address above will take you to their site and enable you enter the name of the passenger on the search page. After free registration, further information is available on passengers and ships.
Name of PassengerResidenceArrivedAge on Arrival
Ann GrenfellSt. Anthony, Newfoundland192034
Anna GrenfellNewfoundland191632
Anna GrenfellSt Johns, Canada191126
Anna GrenfellSt. Anthony, Newfoundland192034
Annie Grenfell18954
Arthur GrenfellLondon, England191436
Arthur Minton GrenfellLondon190532
B. GrenfellLondon190323
Berth Grenfell18956
Bessie GrenfellS Tues, England191622
Cecil Grenfell191046
Cecil GrenfellLondon, England190945
Cecil GrenfellLondon, England191147
Cecil GrenfellLondon, England191954
Cecil GrenfellNew York, New York190844
Cecil A. Grenfell190541
Cecil A. GrenfellL’de., England191349
Cecil A. GrenfellLondon, England191247
Cecil A. GrenfellLondon, England191248
Cecil A. GrenfellLondon, England191955
Cecil Alfred GrenfellLondon, England192460
Claude G Grenfell189233
Daphne GrenfellLondon, England19118
Edgar GrenfellPlymouth189716
Edward Grenfell189620
Edward Charles GrenfellLondon, Eng.190636
Edward Charles GrenfellLondon, England191342
Edward Charles GrenfellLondon, England192150
Edward Chas GrenfellLondon, England191140
Edward Chas. GrenfellLondon, England191039
Edward Chas. GrenfellLondon, England191444
Edwin Grenfell189510
Eliza Ann Grenfell…, U S A191139
Ethel GrenfellSt. Just, England191240
Florence Emil GrenfellLondon, England192132
Florence Pauline GrenfellSt. Ives, England191425
Francis GrenfellLondon, England191029
Frank GrenfellCornw.189917
Fred E. Grenfell189524
Frederick E. GrenfellGlobe, Arizona, USA191129
Frederick James GrenfellS Tues, England191617
Gabriel Hosking GrenfellSt Just, England191424
George Fanne GrenfellSt. Ives, England191320
George H GrenfellSt. Austell, Cornwall, England190938
George P GrenfellLondon, England190926
Gertrude GrenfellPendeen, England192228
Harold P. GrenfellPendeen, England192120
Helen Ling GrenfellDenver, Col.191853
Henry Grenfell190747
Henry GrenfellSt. Just189930
Henry GrenfellSt. Just, England192023
Iris GrenfellLondon, England191110
Jack GrenfellSt. Just, England19124
James A. GrenfellCornwall190619
James Quick GrenfellSt. Ives, England192065
Jamie GrenfellSt Just, England191429
Jane Grenfell189441
Jane Grenfell189447
Jane GrenfellU.S.A.189223
Jane Georgiana GrenfellParkgate, England190977
John Care GrenfellSt. Ives, England192324
Julia GrenfellHea M…, England191343
Kinleh GrenfellBrooklyn, Mass., USA192411
Lady Anna E. GrenfellSt. Anthony, …191428
Lady Lilian GrenfellLondon, England191136
Lillian GrenfellLondon, England191136
Mary GrenfellCornw.189958
Mary Olive GrenfellSt. Ives, England192025
Mr John Grenfell189620
Mrs P. Lt. L. Grenfell189519
Nichs. Grenfell18954
Nicolas Grenfell18959
Pascoe GrenfellSt. Just, England191323
Reveisdale GrenfellLondon, England190929
Richard Grenfell18958
Richard GrenfellSt. Ives190622
Richard R. GrenfellSt. Just, England191211
Riversdale GrenfellLondon, England190929
Riversdale GrenfellLondon, England191029
Riversdale GrenfellLondon, England191231
Robert GrenfellPendeen, England192320
Rosamond GrenfellBrooklyn, Mass., USA19247
Sarah Grenfell189529
St. L. Grenfell189432
Susan Ann GrenfellSt. Ives, England192055
Thomas Grenfell191341
Thomas GrenfellPenzance, England192027
Thomas GrenfellSt. Just, England191236
Thomas C. GrenfellSt. Just, England19127
Thomas J. GrenfellPlymouth189747
Thos Grenfell189447
Victoria Sybil Mary GrenfellLondon190526
Wilfred GrenfellBrooklyn, Mass., USA192413
Wilfred GrenfellNewfoundland191651
Wilfred GrenfellSt Johns, Canada19110
Wilfred GrenfellSt. Anthony, …191449
Wilfred GrenfellSt. Anthony, Newfoundland192055
Wilfred T. GrenfellSt Johns, Canada191145
Wilfred Th. GrenfellParkgate, England190944
Wilfred Thomason GrenfellLondon190539
William GrenfellAkron, Ohio192231
William Grenfell
William Grenfell
William GrenfellSt. Ives, England191219
William GrenfellSt. Ives, England191522
William GrenfellSt. Ives, England192430
William GrenfellSt. Ives, England191336
William M. GrenfellCornwall, England190918
William Thomas GrenfellHea Moor, England192024
Wm. Grenfell189521
Wm. GrenfellEngland190128
Varient of Grenfell name
Anna GreenfellN.Y.C.192037
Clara GreenfellBoswednan Madron, England191227
Clara M. GreenfellBoswednan Madron, England19121
John Harry GreenfellBoswednan Madron, England191229
Kate GreenfellBristol190627
Jno. Grenfel189643
John H GrenfelCornwall190623
Jus. Grenfel189450
Mary Grenfel189446
Miss L. M. Grenfel189425
George Grenfeld192123
George Grenfeld192223
George Grenfeld192223
W. O. GrenfeldNew Orleans1921
Willliam GrenfeldPenzance189822
Elizabeth GrinfieldLondon, England19132
James GrinfieldLondon, England19135
James GrinfieldLondon, England191227
Louisa GrinfeldLondon, England19136
Louisa GrinfeldLondon, England191327
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