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St Just in Penwith, Monumental Inscriptions

More information about St Just in Penwith and its significance to the Grenfell family can be found on the Parish page.

St Just in Penwith cemetery

Inscription Reads:
In Loving Memory of Richard Nicholas dearly beloved husband of Violet May Grenfell
who passed away Feb 23rd 1943 aged 43
Worthy of Everlasting Remembrance
Also of the above Violet May Grenfell who died on May 15 1973 aged 70 years

St Just in Penwith Church

Inscription reads:
In Memory of Grace the wife of Nicholas Grenfell of this Parish
who departed this life March 23rd 1842 aged 73 years
‘She was suddenly summoned hence, but her lamp was trimmed and her light burning’
Also Capt. Nicholas Grenfell husband of the above who died June 26th 1855 aged 85 years.

Inscription reads:
In Memory of William Grenfell died 13th December 1834 aged 75 years
also Grace his wife died 24th June 1848 aged 85 years
also Ann Tonkin wife of Pascoe Grenfell died 12 June 1889 aged 79 years
also Pascoe Grenfell died 9th July 1891

Thomas and Matilda Grenfell Gravestone

Inscription reads:
In Memory of Thomas Grenfell who departed this life December 10th 1837 aged (3)8 years
also Matilda his wife who departed this life July 24th 186(5) aged 57 years
It is the Lord let him do what seemeth him good 1 Samuel 3:18

St Just in Penwith Wesleyan Chapel

Inscription reads:
In Loving Memory of Elizabeth Grenfell who died 27th May 1896 aged 63 years.
‘It is the Lord; let Him do what seemeth Him good’
Also Matilda Grenfell sister of the above who died 29th March 1915 aged 81 years.
At Rest

In Ever Loving Memory of Martha Grenfell who died at Carallack Terrace, St Just, October 19th 1914 aged 87 years.
Also Pascoe Grenfell husband of the above who died at Coquimbo, Chili, January 28th 1868 aged 45 years.
Also Pascoe Grenfell their son who died at Cromwell, Otago, New Zealand October 7th 1885 aged 3(?) years.
On the base
In Loving Memory of Benjamin Angwin husband of Marguerite Angwin
son-in-law of the above who died at Butte, Montana, USA December 22nd 191(6) aged 80 years.
Also Marguerite Angwin who died January 30th 1942 aged 77 years.

Sacred to the Memory of Nanny, daughter of John and Elizabeth Grenfell of Trewellard in this Parish
who died 4th October 1863 aged 21 years.
Also Richard their son aged 16 years.
Also three children who died in their infancy.

Sacred to the Memory of John Thomas Grenfell who died February 1(6) (1961) aged (64) years.
Also of his wife Elizabeth Ellen Grenfell who died (Aug?).
(Rest indecipherable)

Thomas Stanley Grenfell

In Loving Memory of Thomas Stanley Grenfell died May 17th 1970 aged 65 years

St Just in Penwith, Cornwall

St Just in Penwith is the geographic origin of the branch of the Grenfell family with which this website is associated. More information on this subject can be found on the Origins of the Grenfell Family Name page.

The town of St Just is the most westerly town in mainland Britain and is situated approximately 8 miles west of Penzance. There is evidence of mining in the area since ancient, pre-industrial times and in the 19th century it became one of the most important mining districts in Cornwall for both copper and tin. However, the mining boom and the increase in the town’s population was equalled by its collapse when the tin market declined.

The parish church is dedicated to St Just and has undergone a few reconstructions over the years. Whilst medieval in origin nothing remains of this version, and only part of the chancel from the church built in 1334 remains. The present  church dates back to 15th century. Parish records of St Just list many members of the Grenfell family who were baptised (1600 – 1866), married (1739-1888) and burials (1600-1926)

Within the church is an artifact of interest to the Grenfell family – a White Ensign (see below) which was flown by H.M.S. Revenge during the Battle of Jutland in May 1916. It was given to the church for safe keeping by Captain Russell Grenfell RN. Another notable Grenfell connected to St Just was Edward Charles Grenfell (1870-1941), first Baron St Just, founder of Morgan Grenfell bank and MP for the City of London 1922-1935. 

In the town there are also two Non-Conformist Christian Churches – the Wesleyan Methodist Church known as St Just Miner’s Chapel and the Methodist Free Church or St Just Free Church as it is now known. Non-conformist records list a number of members of the Grenfell family who were baptised Wesleyan Methodist (1858-1912), Bible Christian Circuit (1861-1907) and Wesleyan Methodist burials (1849-1912).

Further information about St Just in Penwith can be found on the relevant pages on Cornwall Online Parish Clerks website, the Genuki page dedicated to St Just in Penwith and via Penwith Local History Group.

The churches in St Just Penwith are resting place for the following Grenfells:
St Just in Penwith cemetery:

Richard Nicholas Grenfell d. 1943
Violet May Grenfell d. 1973

St Just in Penwith Church:

Grace Grenfell d. 1842
Nicholas Grenfell d. 1855
William Grenfell d. 1834
Grace Grenfell d. 1848 
Ann Tonkin Grenfell d. 1889
Pascoe Grenfell d. 1891
Thomas Grenfell d.1837
Matilda Grenfell d. 186(5)

St Just in Penwith Wesleyan Chapel:

Elizabeth Grenfell d.1896
Matilda Grenfell d. 1915
Martha Grenfell d. 1914
Pascoe Grenfell d. 1868
Pascoe Grenfell d. 1885
Nanny Grenfell d. 1863
Richard Grenfell
John Thomas Grenfell d. 1961
Elizabeth Ellen Grenfell d. 1970
Thomas Stanley Grenfell d. 1970

More details of these Grenfells can be found on the St Just in Penwith monumental inscriptions page.

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