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Burials: St Just in Penwith Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 1849 - 1912

Although this is not a complete list it is the most perfect that can be obtained as prior to 1892 an accurate record of internments was not kept. The registers of burials from which the names below were transcribed was compiled from existing certificates of Registry of Death and rough lists of internments that the sexton had kept.
DateFull NameAgeDetails
8 June 1849Richard GRENFELLTrewellard
21 July 1849Thomas GRENFELLTrewellard
29 Jan 1850Grace GRENFELLNew Downs
22 May 1850William GRENFELLCarnyforth Moor
16 June 1850Elizth Jane GRENFELLChurch Town
25 Oct 1850John GRENFELLNew Downs
13 June 1851Grace GRENFELLCarnyforth Moor
14 June 1851John GRENFELLThe North
26 June 1851John GRENFELL’s childThe North
19 Oct 1851James GRENFELL’s childThe North
23 Dec 1851John GRENFELL’s childChurch Town
28 May 1852John GRENFELL’s childChurch Town
7 June 1852Richard GRENFELL’s childNew Downs
4 July 1853Richard GRENFELL’s childNew Downs
17 Mar 1854Thomas GRENFELL’s childCarnyforth
8 Dec 1855Elizabeth GRENFELLTrewellard
12 Oct 1858William GRENFELL’s childCarnyforth
7 July 1860James GRENFELLTrewellard
6 June 1861William GRENFELL’s childNanpean
18 Apr 1863Mary GRENFELLBojewyan?
7 Oct 1863Nanny GRENFELLTrewellard
30 Apr 1864Richard GRENFELL’s childTrewellard
1 Oct 1864William GRENFELL’s childCarnyforth
14 Dec 1864Henry GRENFELLTrewellard
17 Jun 1865Sarah GRENFELLCripples Hill
21 Jun 1865Richard GRENFELL’s childTrewellard
28 Jun 1865John GRENFELL’s childTrewellard
28 Aug 1865Mary GRENFELLTrewellard
24 Oct 1866Johanna GRENFELLChurch Town
12 Nov 1866John GRENFELL’s childTrewellard
24 Nov 1866Lavinia GRENFELLTrewellard
28 Sep 1867John GRENFELLChurch Town
10 Mar 1868Richard GRENFELL’s childChurch Town
5 Dec 1868Richard GRENFELLNew Downs
27 Apr 1869Martha GRENFELLCarnyforth
22 Jul 1869Mary Elizabeth GRENFELLCarnyforth
2 Nov 1870Edwin Blewett GRENFELLNew Downs
5 Jan 1871Thomas GRENFELLCarnyforth
30 Jan 1871Thomas GRENFELLCarnyforth
23 Oct 1871William GRENFELL’s childCarnyforth
21 May 1872Mary Roberts GRENFELLNancherrow
12 Apr 1873Rebecca GRENFELLNew Downs
1 Jan 1874William GRENFELLNorth Row
20 Oct 1874Henry GRENFELL4 mthsNanpean
6 Nov 1875Amanda GRENFELL7 mthsKelynack
11 Dec 1875Grace GRENFELL3 mthsSt Just
14 Mar 1876Eliza GRENFELL3yrsBollowall
29 Apr 1876Grace GRENFELL1 yr 8 mthsTrewellard
20 Dec 1877Ann GRENFELL77 yrsNew Downs
24 Oct 1878John GRENFELL15 yrsBollowall
10 Apr 1879Mary Elizabeth GRENFELL7 yrsCarnyforth
17 May 1880Edward Pool GRENFELL6 mthsSt Just
20 May 1880Richard GRENFELL’s childChurch Town
22 May 1880William Thomas GRENFELL1 yrChurch Town
11 Sep 1880Jane GRENFELL43 yrsNanpean
15 Mar 1882Grace GRENFELL3 mthsChurch Town
10 Jun 1882Richard GRENFELL13 mthsGreen Lane
12 Dec 1882William GRENFELLMadron Union
20 Jun 1885Jane GRENFELL70 yrsNew Downs
29 May 1888Elizabeth GRENFELL65 yrsCarnyforth
16 Jun 1890John GRENFELLGreen Lane
24 Dec 1890John GRENFELL’s childNew Downs
24 Jul 1891William GRENFELLCarnyforth
11 Aug 1893William GRENFELL2mthsSt Just
12 Aug 1893John Henry GRENFELL4yrsSt Just
31 Mar 1894Elizabeth Jane GRENFELL57yrsSt Just Churchtown
25 June 1895Jane Leggo GRENFELL20mthsBotallack
30 May 1896Elizabeth GRENFELL63yrsChurchtown
20 Oct 1896Grace GRENFELL54yrsSt Just
15 Mar 1897Grace GRENFELL52yrsNorth Row
17 Jan 1898Margaret Ellen GRENFELL33yrsCarn-Bosavern
4 Dec 1898John Charles GRENFELL5mthsNew Downs
15 Feb 1902William Vingoe GRENFELL12mthsBosweddon
29 Oct 1902Martha Jane GRENFELL4mnthsNorth Row
28 May 1903Jane GRENFELL74yrsBotallack
12 Mar 1904Thomas GRENFELL15mthsSt Just
9 Nov 1904Catherine Jane GRENFELL74yrsSt Just
24 Dec 1905Thomas Edward GRENFELL16yrsKelynack
19 Dec 1907Elizabeth GRENFELL43yrsBosorne Fields
7 Mar 1908Eliza GRENFELL70yrsPenzance
18 Jan 1909Mary Anna GRENFELL76yrsSouth Place
7 Sep 1910William GRENFELL72yrsPenzance
15 Feb 1912Phyllis Mildred GRENFELL2mthsTruthwell
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