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Pendeen is a village on the Penwith peninsular, situated three miles north east of St Just. Its name is derived from the Cornish, Penn Din meaning “headland fort”. The Church of St John, pictured below, is constructed from granite quarried from Carne Eanes (The Carn), the hill overlooking Pendeen and built by the villagers in 1851.

The church is the site of several Grenfell Baptisms (1850-1899), Marriages (1855-1907), Burials (1856-1899).

Further information can be found on the Pendeen page of the Cornwall Online Parish Clerks website, the Genuki page dedicated to Paul and the St Just and Pendeen Old Cornwall Society.

Pendeen Church
Church of St John, Pendeen

Pendeen Church is the resting place of the following Grenfells:

  • Henry Grenfell d. 1873; Elizabeth Grenfell d. 1900
  • Henry Grenfell d. 1873: Amelia Grenfell d. 1912; Richard Grenfell d. 1917
  • John Grenfell – d. 1910; William Nicholas Grenfell d. 1893
  • Johnstone Grenfell – d. 1857
  • Nicholas Grenfell  d. 1952; Elizabeth Grenfell d. 1958
  • Matthew Osborn Grenfell  d. 1990; Elizabeth Grenfell d. 1995
  • Richard Grenfell  d. 1908(3?); Susan Grenfell d. 1932
  • Richard Grenfell d. 1931; Margaret Ellen Grenfell d. 1971
  • Richard Grenfell d. 1918; Louisa Grenfell d. 1915
  • Margaret Grenfell d. 1905; Richard Grenfell d. 1910
  • Richard Grenfell d. 1963; Elizabeth Ann Grenfell d. 1968
  • Thomas Grenfell d. 1901; Eliza Grenfell d. 1911
  • William Grenfell d. 1913; Jane Grenfell d. 1878; Thomas Grenfell d. 1897; William Grenfell d. 1910; Jane Grenfell d. 1915

Images of the gravestones and monuments dedicated to the above Grenfells can be found on the Pendeen Monumental Inscriptions page.

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