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Burials: Pendeen Church 1856 - 1899

DateFull NameAgeYear of Birth
10 Sep 1856Sarah GRENFELL361820
15 Jan 1857Amelia GRENFELL61851
9 Sep 1857Amelia GRENFELLinf1857
22 Apr 1857Johnstone GRENFELL301827
20 Sep 1859John GRENFELLinf1859
24 Jan 1861William Sampson GRENFELL21859
3 Jul 1862Charles Jilbard GRENFELL6 mths1862
30 May 1862Nanny GRENFELL241838
24 Mar 1864John GRENFELL12 mths1863
20 Jul 1865Mary White GRENFELL4 mths1865
30 Aug 1865Phillis Jane GRENFELL4 mths1865
25 Jul 1866Edward GRENFELL10 mths1865
23 Sep 1866James GRENFELL301836
23 Mar 1867John GRENFELL10 mths1866
31 Jan 1867Mary GRENFELL281839
3 Dec 1868Anne Jane GRENFELL5 mths1868
9 Feb 1868John Henry GRENFELL10 mths86
21 Sep 1869Margaret Ann GRENFELL12 mths1868
12 Feb 1869William GRENFELL41865
15 Nov 1869William Henry GRENFELL61863
1 Mar 1870Laura Annie GRENFELL6 mths1869
4 Jun 1870Mary GRENFELL61864
9 Mar 1871Jane GRENFELL3 mths1870
28 Feb 1871John Henry GRENFELL11870
19 Aug 1872Charles Henry GRENFELL6 mths1872
10 May 1872Jane Hosking GRENFELL3 mths1872
25 Oct 1872Richard GRENFELL5 mths1872
27 Jun 1873Henry GRENFELL611812
2 Dec 1873Henry GRENFELL501823
3 Mar 1873John GRENFELL201853
26 Nov 1873John Henry GRENFELL8 mths1873
8 Mar 1873Margaret GRENFELL19 mths1871
20 May 1874Nicholas Hocking GRENFELL9 mths1873
16 May 1875Anne Jane GRENFELL10 mths1874
18 Mar 1875Johnson GRENFELL6 mths1874
15 Mar 1875Mary GRENFELL9 mths1874
20 Mar 1875Richard GRENFELL361839
29 Apr 1876John GRENFELL19 mths1874
4 Apr 1877Jane GRENFELL831794
29 Aug 1877Mary Jane GRENFELL341843
14 Apr 1877Wm Henry GRENFELL131864
21 May 1879Edward White GRENFELL21877
13 Feb 1879Margaret GRENFELL671812
7 Sep 1880Richard Eddy GRENFELL3 mths1880
25 May 1880Thomas GRENFELL761804
21 Jul 1880William Williams GRENFELL6 mths1880
21 Jun 1881Annie Bell GRENFELL9 mths1880
26 Jul 1881Elizabeth GRENFELL2 mths1881
12 May 1881Ernest GRENFELL21879
8 Jul 1881Louisa GRENFELL421839
28 May 1882Annie GRENFELL111871
8 Oct 1882John GRENFELL681814
18 Oct 1882John Richards GRENFELL8 mths1882
18 Jun 1884William GRENFELL15 mths1882
12 Oct 1885Edith GRENFELL9 mths1885
14 Jan 1887Mary Mabel GRENFELL20 mths1885
5 Feb 1887Thomas GRENFELL19 mths1885
28 Apr 1888William Richard GRENFELL11887
3 May 1890John GRENFELL511839
25 Nov 1893Thomas GRENFELL41889
24 Apr 1897Thomas GRENFELL10 mths1896
31 Mar 1898Henry GRENFELL2 mths1898
21 Sep 1898William Edward GRENFELL12 mths1897
1 May 1899Hetty Thomas GRENFELL3 mths1899
22 Apr 1899Thomas GRENFELL571842
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