Grenfell Family History

St Just in Penwith Wesleyan Chapel, Cornwall.

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Arthur Riversdale Grenfell - inscription

Elizabeth Grenfell d.1896
Matilda Grenfell d. 1915

Martha Grenfell - inscription

Martha Grenfell d. 1914
Pascoe Grenfell d. 1868
Pascoe Grenfell d. 1885

Benjamin Angin - inscription

Benjamin Angwin d. 191(6)
Marguerite Angwin d. 1942

Nanny Grenfell - Inscription

Nanny Grenfell d. 1863
Richard Grenfell

Thomas Grenfell - inscription

John Thomas Grenfell d. 1961
Elizabeth Ellen Grenfell d. 1970

Thomas Stanley Grenfell - inscription

Thomas Stanley Grenfell d. 1970