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Panteon de los Ingleses, Real del Monte, Mexico

Charles Osborne Grenfell, d. 1911

Henry Albert Grenfell, d. 1877
Thomas William Grenfell, d. 1877
Ellen Gertrude Williams, d. 1883
Charles Osborne Grenfell, d. 1898
Caroline Grenfell, d. 1903

Inscription reads:
GRENFELL Henry Albert third son of Charles and Caroline Grenfell died at Pachua
6th January 1877 aged 1 year and 16 days
Also Thomas William second son died Pachua August 7th 1877 aged 3 years 7 months
Also Ellen Gertrude only child of John and Gertrude Williams and cousin of the above died 1883 aged 4 years
Charles Osborne Grenfell husband of Caroline died Pachua 1st June 1898 aged 57 years
Caroline Grenfell wife of the above died Pachua 17th January 1903 aged 63 years

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