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Clunes, Victoria, Australia

Elizabeth Grenfell d. 1880, John Grenfell d. 1881
Inscription reads:
In Memory of Elizabeth Grenfell who died 10 Sep 1880 aged 75 years.
Her beloved husband John Grenfell who died 7 Oct 1881 aged 78 years.

Henry Grenfell d. 1889, A.S. Grenfell d. 1909
Inscription reads:

Our Beloved Brother Henry Grenfell who died 26 Oct 1889 aged 59 years.
Also A.S. Grenfell brother of the above who died 11 Feb 1909 aged 72 years

S.J.H Grenfell d. 1879, Henry Grenfell d. 1864, Annie Laura Grenfell d. 1866, Theresa Patience Reed d.1893, Henry Reed
Inscription reads:
In Memory of S.J.H. Grenfell the beloved wife of A. Grenfell who died October 16th 1879 aged 38 years.
Their children Henry who died April 24th 1864 aged 9 weeks.
Annie Laura who died March 16th 1866 aged 1 year.
Theresa Patience second daughter of the above and beloved wife of Henry Reed who died Nov 7th 1893 aged 32 years.
Sleep Vital Spark of Heavenly Flame,
You’ve Left this World with Untarnished Name
The Saviour’s Love was on thy Lips
When Called Away to Realms of Bliss.

War Memorial containing the names of
James Grenfell d. 1917
Richard Grenfell d. 1918

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