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Calstock Church, Monumental inscriptions

More details about Calstock can be found on the Parish page

Inscription reads:
In Memory of Ann Elizabeth wife of Anthony Grenfell who died at Calstock, 13th May, 1901, aged 55 years.
Anthony Grenfell husband of the above who died at Kelly Gardens, 12th Aug 1928, aged 82 years.
Nora Williams wife of C.T. Williams passed peacefully away at Kelly Gardens, 20th Feb 1957, aged 73.
Ada B Grenfell who died at Kelly Gardens, 13 Feb 1956,
aged 66 years.
Theodore Clarence Grenfell Williams only child of Clarence T and Honoria A Williams who died at Kelly Gardens, Calstock, 28 May 1928, aged 21 years.
Clarence Thomas Williams husband of Nora who died 12 Mar 1977, aged 90 years.

Inscription reads:
In Memory of Emma Grenfell loving wife of Thomas Grenfell Jnr who died at Calstock, 2 August, 1900, aged 45 years.
Thomas Grenfell who died 12 March, 1916, aged 61 years.
Thomas Frederick Grenfell son of the above who died 12 Aug, 1887, aged 4 mths.

Inscription reads:
In Memory of Bessie Powning who died Jany 5th 1861,
aged 2 years.
Frederick William who died June 21st, 1864, aged 6 wks and George Henry who died April 29th, 1871, aged 11 years.
The children of Thomas Shugg & Elizabeth Grenfell of Calstock.
Also their daughter Amy Reynolds who died 28 April 1883 aged 13 years.
Also the above E.H. Grenfell who died 20 Feb 1894
aged 65 years.
And also the above Thomas S Grenfell who died 26 April, 1910 aged 88 years.

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