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Grenfell Biographical Books

Although this list is not a complete it contains the majority of books with biographical information about the Grenfells. 

One recent addition, is a new book covering the life of William Henry Grenfell, Lord Desborough, researched and written by Sandy Nairne and Peter Williams and due to be published in 2024. More information can be found on the publisher’s website

Bright ArmourMonica Salmond nee GrenfellFaber and Faber
Joyce Grenfell Requests the PleasureJoyce GrenfellSphere
Darling MaJoyce GrenfellHodder & Stoughton, London
An Invisible FriendshipJoyce GrenfellNK
Olympic FoliesGraeme KentJR Books
Grenfell of LabradorRonald RumpkeyUniversty of Toronto Press
Wilfred Grenfell – Master MarinerBasil MatthewsS W Partidge
A Labrador DoctorWilfred Thomason GrenfellHodder & Stoughton, London
Forty Years for LabradorWilfred Thomason GrenfellHodder & Stoughton, London
Romance of LabradorWilfred Thomason GrenfellHodder & Stoughton, London
Down to the SeaWilfred Thomason GrenfellFleming H Revell & Co
The Story of Labrador DoctorWilfred Thomason GrenfellHodder & Stoughton, London
A Voyage on a Pan of IceWilfred Thomason GrenfellReink Books
What Life Means to MeWilfred Thomason GrenfellReink Books
Prize of LifeWilfred Thomason GrenfellReink Books
The Best of Wilfred GrenfellWilliam Pope, Wilfred Grenfell NK
What will you do with Jesus ChristWilfred Thomason GrenfellReink Books
Wilfred Grenfell: Arctic Adverturer (Lightkeepers)Linda FinlaysonNK
Grenfell of the Congo Pioneer Missionary and ExplorerShirley J DickensSunday School Union
Morgan Grenfell 1838-1988Kathleen BurkClarendon Press
Colonel Grenfell’s WarsStephen Z StarrLouisana State University Press
Francis and Riversdale GrenfellJohn BuchanThomas Nelson and Sons
Letters to Lydia: ‘Beloved Persis’Barbara EatonHypatia Publications
The Rich Spoils of TimeFrances Campbell-PrestonThe Dovecote Press
Ettie:The Intimate Life and Dauntless Spirit of Lady DesboroughRichard Davenport-HinesWeidenfield & Nicholson
Julian GrenfellNicholas MosleyLittlehampton Book Service Ltd
Julian GrenfellViola MeynellReink Books
Julian Grenfell, soldier and poet: letters and diaries, 1910-1915Kate ThompsonHertfordshire Record Society
Unquiet SoulsAngela LambertBook Sales
Memoirs of Lord GrenfellLord GrenfellHodder & Stoughton, London
George Grenfell and the Congo vol. 1Sir Harry JohnsonHutchinson & Company, London
George Grenfell and the Congo vol. 11Sir Harry JohnsonHutchinson & Company, London
The Life of George Grenfell Congo Missionary and ExplorerGeorge HawkerReligious Tract Society
Dictionary of National BiographyOxford University Press
Alumni CambridgiensisJ A Venn (edit.)Cambridge University
Alumni OxoniensisJoseph FosterUniversity of Oxford



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