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Burials: Zennor Church 1833 - 1866

Transcribed by Diane Donohue who retains the copyright. Further details can be found on the Cornwall Parish Register website
DateFull NameAgeDetails
31 Jan 1833Margaret GRENFELL59of Gear
14 Jun 1833William GRENFELL2of Porthmear
16 Apr 1842Tobias GRENFELL4of Bosporthenis
30 Nov 1844Elizabeth GRENFELL82of Treen
6 Oct 1849Richard GRENFELL23of Treen
21 Jul 1851Jane GRENFELL7of The Grove – from smallpox
31 Mar 1853John GRENFELL76Rowe’s Corner
6 Jul 1855Henry GRENFELL11 weeksof Tendrine
11 Jul 1855Mary GRENFELL23of Tendrine
29 Apr 1857William GRENFELL21of Higher Pennance
6 Nov 1858Samuel GRENFELL27of Zennor
20 Apr 1861Richard GRENFELL57of Higher Pennance
3 Sep 1863Elizabeth GRENFELL72of Higher Pennance
1 Aug 1865William GRENFELL8 monthsof Higher Pennance
5 Jun 1866William GRENFELL79of Towedneck
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