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Baptisms: Marazion 1760 - 1786

(Extracted from transcriptions held at the Morrab Library, Penzance, Cornwall and reproduced with their permission)

DateFull NameSon/DaughterFather ForenameMother Forename
28 Jun 1760Mary GRENFELLdau.Mr PascoeMary
24 Sep 1761Pascoe GRENFIELDsonMr PascoeMary
23 Dec 1763Lydia GRENFELLdau.PascoeMary
27 Jun 1765William GRENFELLsonPascoeMary
11 Feb 1767John GRENFELLsonPascoeMary
7 Nov 1768Phillis GRENFELLdau.PascoeMary
8 Feb 1771Emma Granville GRENFELLdau.Pascoe Esq.Mary
4 Dec 1772John Maugham GRENFELLsonPascoeMary
19 Nov 1775Lydia GRENFELLdau.PascoeMary
24 May 1778George Bevil GRENFELLdau.Pascoe Esq.Mary
6 Mar 1782Elizabeth GRENFELLdau.PascoeAvis
5 Feb 1786Ann Caroline GRENFELLdau.RichardAnn
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