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Baptisms: Madron and Penzance 1732-1868

(LDS Film 13360107)
ParishDateFull NameSon/DaughterFather ForenameMother Forename
Penzance4 Mar 1732William GRENFIELDsonPasco
Penzance31 Mar 1734George GRENFIELDsonPasco
Penzance1 Jun 1735James GRENFIELDsonPasco
Penzance29 Nov 1736Mary GRENFIELDsonPasco
Penzance11 Jan 1737Thomas GRENFIELDsonPasco
Penzance4 Mar 1740Jane GRENFIELDdauPasco
Penzance1 Jan 1753Mary GRENFELLdauMr John
Penzance11 Aug 1754Elizabeth GRENFELdauMr John
Penzance17 May 1756John GRENFELLsonMr John
Penzance22 Dec 1761William GRENFELLsonMr John
Penzance24 Oct 1765Lydia GRENFELLdauMr John
Penzance16 Feb 1784Lewis GRENFELLsonWilliam
Penzance3 Dec 1793Frances GRENFELLdauJohn
Madron27 Apr 1787William GRENFELLsonWilliam
Madron22 Jan 1792William Hand GRENFELLsonLewis
Madron27 Oct 1793Margery Pearce GRENFELLdauLewis
Madron9 Aug 1795Anne GRENFELLdauLewis
Madron26 Oct 1800Margaret GRENFELLdauWilliam
Madron1 Jan 1802Patience GRENFELLdauRichard
Madron20 Jun 1802John GRENFELLsonJohn
Madron2 Nov 1803Thomas GRENFELLsonThomas
Madron23 Oct 1803Richard GRENFELLsonJohn
Madron2 Dec 1804Margaret GRENFELLdauThomas
Madron22 Jan 1805Margaret GRENFELLdauRichard
Madron?29 Sep 1805?Thomas GRENFELLsonJohn
Madron30 Nov 1806Elizabeth GRENFELLdauRichard
Madron29 Nov 1807Margaret GRENFELLdauJohn
Madron13 Jun 1813John GRENFELLsonWilliamGrace
Madron24 Oct 1813John Hall GRENFELLsonRichardMargaret
Madron21 May 1815Thomas GRENFELLsonWilliamGrace
Madron12 Mar 1815William GRENFELLsonRichardPatience
Madron24 Sep 1815Richard GRENFELLsonRichardMargaret
Madron6 Sep 1816William GRENFELLsonWilliamElizabeth
Madron19 Aug 1817Elizabeth GRENFELLdauWilliamGrace
Madron1 Feb 1824Elisabeth GRENFELLdauJamesElizabeth
Madron5 Dec 1824Jane Trembath GRENFELLdauPascoeJane
Madron26 Feb 1825John Trembath GRENFELLsonPascoe Jane
Madron31 Aug 1825Lewis GRENFELLsonLewisElizabeth
Madron9 Jul 1826Eliza GRENFELLdauPascoeJane
Madron13 Jan 1827Mary Tredrea GRENFELLdauJohnSarah
Madron20 Jul 1828Nanny GRENFELLdauPascoeJane
Madron13 Jul 1829John GRENFELLsonWilliamEliz
Madron6 Dec 1829Nanny Trembath GRENFELLdauPascoe Jane
Madron20 Mar 1831James GRENFELLsonJamesElizabeth
Madron15 Jul 1832William Pascoe GRENFELLsonPascoeJane
Madron29 Dec 1833Mary Ann GRENFELLdauPascoeJane
Madron26 Jan 1834Elizabeth Jane GRENFELLdauWilliamElizabeth
Madron31 May 1835Pascoe GRENFELLsonPascoeJane
Madron31 Dec 1837Henry GRENFELLsonHenry Blanche
Madron27 Oct 1839Grace GRENFELLdauHenryBlanch
Madron21 Apr 1839John GRENFELLsonJohnElizabeth
Madron27 Aug 1839John Hosin GRENFELLsonPascoeJane
Madron13 Apr 1840Joanna GRENFELLdauJane
Madron6 May 1842Joanna GRENFELLdauJane
Madron18 Jun 1843Elizabeth GRENFELLdauJohnAlice
Madron13 Apr 1845Thomas GRENFELLsonJohnAlice
Madron23 Jun 1847Richard GRENFELLsonJohnAlice
Madron15 Jul 1849Anne GRENFELLdauJohnAlice
Madron18 Sep 1859John GRENFELLsonMary
Madron15 Jan 1862Charles GRENFELLSonMary
Madron5 Dec 1863William GRENFELLsonEleanor
Madron29 Jun 1867Lydia Ann GRENFELLdauAnn
Madron28 Jun 1868Cordelia GRENFELLdauJohnElizabeth
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