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Vice-Admiral Sir Harry Tremenheere Grenfell RN., KCB., CMG. (1845 - 1906)

Henry T GrenfellGRENFELL, HARRY TREMENHEERE (1845 – 1906), was born in 1845, the fifth son of Admiral John Pascoe Grenfell of the Brazilian Navy and his wife, Maria Dolores Massini.

He entered the Royal Navy in 1858 and was made a lieutenant in March 1866. His promotion to commander came as a haul down vacancy in 1876 and in this rank he commanded the paddle steam ship HMS Cockatrice during the Egyptian war, 1882, receiving the Egyptian medal and the Khedive’s bronze-star. In 1892 he invented the night sight for ordnance. His commission as captain was dated February 4 1895 and when commanding HMS Benbow he gallantly jumped overboard to rescue a boy who was in danger of drowning, and with the assistance of another officer supported the lad until they were all picked up by a boat. During the operations in Crete 1896-97 he commanded HMS Royal Sovereign, and for his services on this occasion received the C.M.G. in 1900.

In March of that year he was raised to flag-rank, and in September 1901 hoisted his flag in HMS Barfleur (10,500 tons) as second in command on the China station. Later moving to the larger battleship HMS Albion (12,950 tons). After a period of two years on that station he returned to England, and in October, 1904, was appointed second in command in the Mediterranean, with his flag in HMS Venerable. In February 1905 he became a vice-admiral, and in June was made a K.C.B.

Vice-Admiral Grenfell was considered by his superiors to be a most distinguished officer. He was a great sportsman, an accomplished athlete and extremely strong. He was reputed to be able to carry a small pony under one arm and walk about with it.

He was taken sick in Malta in January 1906 and although expected to recover and return to duty he died on February 19th.

In 1871 Sir Harry married Amy, a daughter of Mr Andrew Low, of Savannah, Georgia, USA.

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