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Alumni Oxonienses

Oxford University CircletThe Members of the University of Oxford 1715 – 1886:

Their Parentage, Birthplace and Year of Birth, with a record of their Degrees.
Being The Matriculation Register of the University By Joseph Foster, Hon M.A., Oxon. Published 1891.

Grenfell, Rev. Algernon, 2s, John, of Tor, Devon gent. CORPUS CHRISTI COLL. matric. 8 June, 1820, aged 16; chorister Magdalen College 1817-1820, exhibitioner Corpus Christi College, 1820-4, scholar UNIVERSITY COLL, 1824-9, B.A. 1824, M.A. 1827. a master of Rugby 1831-1845, died 1845. See Bloxam, i, 215, & Rugby School Reg., xiv.

Grenfell, Algernon George, 1s, Algernon Sidney, of Park Gate, Cheshire, cler. QUEEN’S COLL., matric. 23 Oct.,1882, aged 18; scholar 1882, B.A. 1886.

Grenfell, Rev. Algernon Sidney 1s. Algernon, of Rugby, co. Warwick, cler. BALLIOL COLL., matric 17 Oct, 1855, aged 19; B.A. 1859, M.A. 1862. See Rugby School Reg., 286.

Grenfell, Charles Pascoe, s. Pascoe, of St James’s, Westminster, arm. CHRIST CHURCH, matric.28 Jan., 1808, aged 17; of Taplow Court, Bucks, M.P. Preston 1847-52 and 1857-65, died 21 March, 1867, father of the next named.

Grenfell, Charles William, 1s, Charles Pascoe of London, arm. CHRIST CHURCH, matric. 19 Oct., 1842, aged 19; B.A. 1846, M.A. 1850, M.P. Sandwich 1847 to May 1852, Windsor, May, 1852-9, died 4 May,1861.

Grenfell, Claud George, 3s. Charles, of London, arm. BALLIOL COLL., matric. 18 Oct., 1876 aged 18; B.A. & M.A. 1883.

Grenfell, Edward Frederick, 3s. Algernon, Rugby, co. Warwick, cler. BALLIOL COLL., matric. 13 May, 1859, aged 18; scholar QUEEN’S COLL. 1859-63, B.A. 1863, M.A. 1866, assistant-master Rugby, 1864-7, died 29 Dec., 1870. See Rugby School Reg.

Grenfell, George Granville, s. Pascoe, Surrey Street, London, arm. EXETER COLL., matric. 21 Oct., 1807 aged 18; created M.A. 30 June, 1813, died 1852.

Grenfell, Henry Riversdale, 2s. Charles Pascoe, of London, arm. CHRIST CHURCH, matric. 19 Oct., 1842, aged 18; a director of the Bank of England, M.P. for Stoke-upon-Trent, Sep., 1862-8.

Grenfell, John Granville, 2s. Algernon, of Rugby, co. Warwick, cler. PEMBROKE COLL., matric. 5 March, 1858, aged 19; scholar 1858-63, B.A. 1862, a master Queen’s College, Birmingham, etc., after of the British Museum. See Rugby School Reg.

Grenfell, Pascoe, of Taplow, Bucks, created D.C.L, 5 July, 1810; M.P. Marlow in 5 parliaments 1802-1820, Penrhyn 1820-6 (son of Pascoe Grenfell M.P.), died 23 Jan., 1838.

Grenfell, William Henry, 1s. Charles William, of London, arm. BALLIOL COLL., matric. 20 Oct, 1874, aged 18; B.A. 1879, of Taplow Court, Bucks., J.P., a student of the Inner Temple 1878, M.P. for Salisbury 1880-2 and 1885-6, late parliamentary groom-in-waiting to the Queen.

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