Grenfell Family History

New Zealand marriages 1840-1936

These records were transcribed from New Zealand Births, Marriages & Deaths Online website and licensed under the the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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Registration No. Husband's Forename Husband's Surname Wife's Forenameame Wife's Surname
1875/2899 Richard GRENFELL Sarah ROGERS
1878/2194 Richard GRENFELL Ellen READ
1879/2108 Walter John SERCOMBE Jane GRENFELL
1879/2502 John Alexander GRENFELL Clara Amelia MITCHELL
1879/2782 George SADLER Grace GRENFELL
1881/2777 Richard STEPHENS Margaret Wallis GRENFELL
1882/2308 George Lander GRENFELL Margaret Lovell MESSENGER
1885/3297 Henry GRENFELL Caroline LOADER
1886/3317 Samuel GRANFELL Annie HAWES
1888/1592 Walter Donald LILLEY Mary GRENFELL
1890/2472 Ernest CATE Annie Maria GRENFELL
1892/1589 Arthur Edward JONES Marian GRENFELL
1892/2436 Percival CHAMBERS Emily Courtney GRENFELL
1892/627 Richard GRENFELL Emma LOADER
1895/57 John GRENFELL Decina Hall DULTON
1896/1494 Michael Hamilton SCOTT Constance Sarah Duance GRENFELL
1897/3009 William Henry MELVIN Martha Jane GRENFELL
1898/2244 Thomas Napier CHAMP Mary GRENFELL
1899/2138 Thomas GRENFELL Dora Maxwell SHIELDS
1899/862 Henry GRENFELL Rachel BATTON
1900/2100 Nicholas James GRENFELL Annie ROWE
1901/3345 Peter Wallace GRENFELL Mary Maud MAURICE
1901/5100 Einar Waldemar Joyensen NEILSON Mary Louisa GRENFELL
1902/4349 John Harvey GRENFELL Barbara WATSON
1903/2880 Israel Vingoe GRENFELL Hilda Annabel LLOYD
1904/2422 Fenwick Charles GRENFELL Rose Hellen CLODE
1904/6703 Samuel Michael Harding GRENFELL Margaret SINCLAIR
1905/4968 William GRENFELL Cicely Kerenhappuch Charlotte RUMP
1906/5135 William Francis GRENFELL Elizabeth Margaret MCNEILL
1907/3758 Henry GRENFELL Rose Hannah WEAVERS
1910/1524 Wilfred Taylor JAMES Emily Bertha GRENFELL
1910/7195 Samuel HENRY Annie Maria GRENFELL
1911/8942 George Brown PHILLIPS Adeline Mabel GRENFELL
1912/3982 John Thomas GRENFELL Matilda Miriam NEILSON
1913/2045 Henry Louis SEIDELIN Elizabeth Grace GRENFELL
1913/4268 John Richard GRENFELL Mary Ann SUDDEN
1913/5447 William Henry GRENFELL Norah SHEEHY
1915/1043 William Patrick SMITH Gwendoline Mary GRENFELL
1915/4296 Alfred Henry GOOD Mary Lilian Rosina GRENFELL
1915/4323 Thomas Frank GRENFELL Mary Penelope ADAM
1917/5462 William MCQUINN Margaret Violet Maria GRENFELL
1917/6508 Albert Ernest GRANFELL Agnes Annie Sale FARQUHAR
1918/1966 Ernest William GRENFELL Isabella Adamson KILGOUR
1919/2444 David James LUTTON Lena Caroline GRENFELL
1919/4137 William MAURICE Clarice Evelyn Hope GRENFELL
1919/837 William Stanley GRENFELL Clara Louisa HALL
1920/11812 Thomas William JAMES Thelma Beryl GRENFELL
1920/4444 Richard Israel Charles GRENFELL Florence Margaret JOHNSTON
1921/640 Peter Wallace GRENFELL Gladys CHAPMAN
1921/704 Frederick Nicholas GRENFELL Vera Fredrica TAYLOR
1921/7542 Percival Roy GRENFELL Margaret Elizabeth WILLIAMS
1921/8575 William James GRENFELL Robena Maud BLAGDON
1923/1888 Leslie Vincent JONES Mary Ann GRENFELL
1923/4833 William Frederick Henry GRENFELL Jean Tait BAIN
1925/2763 Donald George MCKENZIE Mabel Elizabeth GRENFELL
1925/2906 William Nicholas COLUMBUS Amelia Sabina GRENFELL
1925/412 George Henry HUNT Muriel Reves GRENFELL
1925/8260 James William BRUCE Sylvia Victoria GRENFELL
1926/5501 Richard Thomas PIPER Alice May GRENFELL
1927/8490 Bertrand William GRENFELL Doris May DENSEM
1928/2395 William Alfred GRENFELL Catherine Ellen Jean BATES
1928/6715 Herbert Cyril HARDINGHAM Emily Courtney Caroline GRENFELL
1928/801 Roger Henry Edmund CKA Henry Edmund JAMES CKA CUMMINS Dorothy Irene GRENFELL
1928/969 Israel Wallace GRENFELL Edna Ernestine COLLETT
1929/4550 Frank GRENFELL Ina Hewitson LAPSLIE
1930/3219 Alfred GRENFELL Edna Lillian KEECH
1930/3691 George Lovell GRENFELL Katie SINCLAIR
1930/8382 John William Noel GRENFELL Mary Aileen ROOKS
1930/8542 Thomas Harvey GRENFELL Ethne Mary JACKMAN
1931/4915 Jack Watson GRENFELL Henrietta JONES
1932/1490 George Horrell John GRENFELL Zeta Florence HAASE
1932/6783 Leslie James GLIDDON Alma Doreen GRENFELL
1933/1629 Richard Paul FISHER Dorothea Vingoe GRENFELL
1933/2945 Harold Lander GRENFELL Olive Marcia SHEPPARD
1933/4848 Garret TANGNEY Marjorie Ann GRENFELL
1933/8846 Malcolm MCALPINE Sarah Rachael Beatrice GRENFELL
1933/9527 George Herbert EDWARDS Esme Annie GRENFELL
1934/11003 John Rowe GRENFELL Marion Cockburn COCHRANE
1934/2238 Hubert William Ernest HOBBS Hazel Elizabeth Grace GRENFELL
1934/3777 Francis Arthur Gordon GRENFELL Gladys Jessie BOLTON
1934/4790 Walter Percival James GRENFELL Valmai Gladys FIELD
1934/7633 Donald George SILVESTER Reta Monica GRENFELL
1935/11106 Ernest Edward Vingoe GRENFELL Marjorie Norma CULLEN
1935/8888 Dudley Lander Huia JONES Eva Bell GRENFELL
1936/6733 Cyril George PORTEOUS Mabel Hilda Grace GRENFELL