Grenfell Family History

New Zealand Deaths 1840-2019

These records were transcribed from New Zealand Births, Marriages & Deaths Online website and licensed under the the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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Registration No. Family Name Forename Age at Death/Date of Birth
1871/7572 Grenfell Ophelia Jane 3M
1874/12865 Grenfell Michael 54Y
1882/2806 Grenfell John 34Y
1886/728 Grenfell Peter Wallace 54Y
1887/5753 Grenfell Annie Elizabeth 57Y
1892/2927 Grenfell John Henry 26Y
1894/2230 Grenfell Genifor 85Y
1895/6765 Grenfell Caroline 28Y
1903/1536 Grenfell Annie Maria 69Y
1905/6295 Grenfell Rachel 51Y
1909/7473 Grenfell Sarah Jenifer Kate 3W
1910/7307 Grenfell Peter Wallace 16Y
1914/1833 Grenfell Annie Sabina 10Y
1914/8987 Grenfell Martha Elizabeth 61Y
1914/9072 Grenfell Margaret 34Y
1915/4797 Grenfell William 70Y
1917/4905 Grenfell Olive Catherine 16M
1918/56245 Grenfell Richard 23Y
1918/6901 Grenfell John 65Y
1920/1836 Grenfell Stanley Evans 2W
1920/6494 Grenfell Ann 72Y
1921/7947 Grenfell John Richard 37Y
1922/1903 Grenfell Cecily Kerenhuppuch Charlotte 36Y
1922/4539 Grenfell Mabel 6H
1923/3520 Grenfell Dorothy 1H
1923/7271 Grenfell Clara Louisa 36Y
1927/11372 Grenfell Margaret Lovell 71Y
1927/4075 Grenfell William Arthur Ward 63Y
1927/8746 Grenfell Mary Penelope 40Y
1928/9009 Grenfell Henry 72Y
1930/2123 Grenfell Mervyn 9D
1931/10558 Grenfell William 51Y
1931/9044 Grenfell Samuel Michael Harding 68Y
1932/11737 Grenfell Nora 42Y
1932/12404 Grenfell Richard 63Y
1932/3723 Grenfell Ellen 71Y
1932/3917 Grenfell Mary 74Y
1933/586 Grenfell Richard 80Y
1935/18001 Grenfell Matilda Miriam 41Y
1936/20268 Grenfell Dora Maxwell 57Y
1936/21111 Grenfell Alfred Fitchett 68Y
1937/16734 Grenfell Rose Hannah 75Y
1938/28922 Grenfell Constance Lovell 55Y
1939/21185 Grenfell Irene Adele 18Y
1940/21938 Grenfell Alison Wynne 1Y
1942/24292 Grenfell Percival Roy 40Y
1943/22819 Grenfell Thomas Frank 56Y
1943/26647 Grenfell Mary Susan 75Y
1943/29702 Grenfell Decima Hall 77Y
1944/15845 Grenfell Alison Mona 6D
1944/21583 Grenfell John 80Y
1944/22094 Grenfell Isabella Adamson 55Y
1945/47574 Grenfell Richard John 22Y
1945/64744 Grenfell John Barnard 23Y
1946/18858 Grenfell Marie 13D
1946/29915 Grenfell Henry Thomas 28Y
1946/30818 Grenfell George Lander 88Y
1946/33488 Grenfell William Oats 56Y
1947/24561 Grenfell Hilda Annabel 68Y
1947/31842 Grenfell Rose Hellen 66Y
1948/20359 Grenfell Barbara 69Y
1948/24043 Grenfell Richard 80Y
1948/25402 Grenfell Eva 78Y
1948/29884 Grenfell John Thomas 62Y
1949/17513 Grenfell Sabina Ann 66Y
1951/23658 Grenfell Eric David 7M
1952/26103 Grenfell Israel Vingoe 75Y
1952/28636 Grenfell Emma 81Y
1953/31291 Grenfell William Stanley 72Y
1955/35478 Grenfell Frank 45Y
1956/23275 Grenfell John Harvey 79Y
1956/25502 Grenfell Nicholas James 77Y
1956/25563 Grenfell Elizabeth Margaret 75Y
1956/36693 Grenfell Thomas 76Y
1957/20925 Grenfell Florence Margaret 59Y
1957/32366 Grenfell Peter Wallace 85Y
1957/36202 Grenfell Jack Watson 54Y
1959/26797 Grenfell Maud Mary 76Y
1959/35320 Grenfell Edna Ernestine 54Y
1960/27938 Grenfell Frederick Nicholas 67Y
1962/37169 Grenfell Fenwick Charles 81Y
1962/41465 Grenfell Annie 88Y
1963/44340 Grenfell William Francis 85Y
1964/24697 Grenfell Ernest Edward Vingoe 51Y
1964/28552 Grenfell Wilfred Leslie 50Y
1964/29289 Grenfell William Henry 76Y
1965/35317 Grenfell Albert Ernest 77Y
1966/40440 Grenfell Harry Wilfred 59Y
1966/41396 Grenfell Reginald 62Y
1966/42571 Grenfell Ernest William 79Y
1967/31814 Grenfell Ernest Samuel 50Y
1968/30687 Grenfell Elizabeth Evelyn 71Y
1968/35573 Grenfell Michael Francis James 8Y
1969/43063 Grenfell Catherine Ellen Jean 65Y
1969/46391 Grenfell George Lovell 85Y
1970/25756 Grenfell Marion Elizabeth 57Y
1970/26696 Grenfell Richard Israel Charles 73Y
1970/27234 Grenfell John 64Y
1970/28721 Grenfell William Alfred 64Y
1970/46283 Grenfell Lewis Harvey 63Y
1971/31243 Grenfell Kate 86Y
1971/43148 Grenfell Margaret Elizabeth 69Y
1972/24751 Grenfell Ronald Robert 13-Feb-39
1972/29795 Grenfell Alfred 23-Sep-07
1972/38648 Grenfell Agnes Annie Sale 02-Nov-92
1973/43253 Grenfell Barbara Jean 07-Jul-04
1974/42203 Grenfell William James 08-Apr-01
1975/30675 Grenfell Harold Lander 09-May-06
1976/27308 Grenfell George Courtney 19-Nov-96
1976/37706 Grenfell Doris May 01-Apr-01
1976/39419 Grenfell Marion Cockburn 23-Jan-08
1977/27898 Grenfell Lucy Margaret 20-Oct-10
1977/36757 Grenfell Ina Hewetson 06-Feb-13
1977/49854 Grenfell Edwin 05-Nov-02
1978/27754 Grenfell Richard Thomas 24-Jan-87
1978/31654 Grenfell Vera Fredrica 21-Mar-94
1978/36181 Grenfell Peter Walter 03-Jul-97
1979/33322 Grenfell Elizabeth Mary Grace 28-Sep-06
1979/33338 Grenfell Wallace Lloyd 30-Jan-05
1979/43066 Grenfell Jennie 20-Sep-89
1980/33187 Grenfell Francis Arthur Gordon 16-Feb-11
1981/41824 Grenfell Douglas Roy 27-Jun-22
1983/28249 Grenfell John Rowe 25-Aug-11
1983/30039 Grenfell Marie 26-Feb-12
1983/32940 Grenfell Ruth Anna 27-Aug-19
1983/37604 Grenfell Henrietta 10-Oct-08
1984/35894 Grenfell Jessie Elizabeth 19-Jun-98
1985/35627 Grenfell Robena Maud 13-Jan-00
1986/33708 Grenfell Lionel Rex 30-Dec-23
1986/41865 Grenfell Mabel 28-Mar-99
1987/31167 Grenfell William Stanley 19-Dec-09
1987/54691 Grenfell Jessie Catherine Paxton 03-Aug-07
1988/54168 Grenfell Alfred Wilfred Wallace 20-Dec-13
1989/29137 Ford Shirley Emma 09-Sep-32
1989/48014 Grenfell Gladys 21-Jul-95
1989/50386 Grenfell John William Noel 31-Aug-03
1990/28107 Grenfell Walter Percival James 27-Apr-05
1990/37852 Grenfell George William 07-Mar-34
1991/28694 Grenfell Bertrand William 18-Dec-00
1991/29342 Grenfell Ellen Marie 22-Oct-02
1992/33058 Grenfell Olive Marcia 20-Jan-04
1992/50027 Grenfell Mary Aileen 14-Dec-04
1992/51936 Grenfell Ian Chapman 02-Dec-26
1993/36627 Grenfell Ethne Mary 25-Jul-04
1994/46683 Grenfell Grace Olive 17-Apr-19
1995/30346 Grenfell Thomas Harvey 30-Aug-25
1995/37188 Grenfell Margaret Ann 02-Jun-36
1995/52073 Grenfell Gwynneth Mary 09-Oct-11
1996/53478 Grenfell Esther Catherine 20-Feb-11
1997/30329 Grenfell Raymond Ernest 12-Aug-24
1998/19918 Fisher Dorothea Vingoe 23-Jun-03
1998/23760 McNally Sabina Mary 25-Sep-12
1999/10032 Grenfell Edna Lillian 23-May-10
2001/27749 Grenfell Norman Wilfred 22-Apr-08
2002/14377 Grenfell Nora Florence 06-Feb-98
2002/1594 Grenfell Miriam Joyce 19-May-14
2002/24472 Grenfell Hazel Marie 11-Nov-09
2003/15822 Tiedt Anne Patricia 20-Jun-19
2003/18402 Grenfell Thomas Neale 24-Mar-33
2003/2557 Grenfell Alfred Herbert 20-Oct-16
2003/38 Grenfell Florence Zelda 03-Jul-20
2003/4111 Hobbs Hazel Elizabeth Grace 27-Jul-14
2004/12493 Grenfell Verdun Lionel 18-May-16
2004/4198 Grenfell Jessie Campbell 20-Sep-25
2005/18991 Grenfell Valmai Gladys 27-Nov-09
2005/237 Edwards Esme Annie 12-Nov-11
2005/9476 Grenfell James Richard 14-Sep-21
2006/11463 Grenfell Clive Dennis 27-Mar-36
2006/19009 Grenfell Mona Miranda 30-Nov-07
2006/22540 Porter Myrl Ann Christina 04-Oct-38
2007/23550 Grenfell Fabienne Ogilvie 04-Mar-32
2008/16611 Grenfell Robert John 25-Apr-27
2008/23397 Grenfell Madge Louise 19-Nov-21
2010/7717 Courtney Myra 21-Dec-19
2011/1823 Grenfell Edna Jean 28-Mar-18
2011/28464 Grenfell Annette Jessie 11-Dec-26
2011/5018 Grenfell Helen Margaret 02-Aug-35
2011/7641 Butler Lorna Mary 21-Feb-29
2011/8368 Davidson Patricia Eileen 25-Aug-36
2012/18792 Grenfell Viola Hannah 22-Oct-32
2013/20043 Grenfell Lela Cavell 23-Mar-17
2013/28725 Grenfell Ivy June 01-Jun-28
2016/17155 Grenfell Roger William 15-May-37
2016/17231 Grenfell Allan James 18-May-31
2016/33241 Jacombs Enid Elizabeth 19-Jan-31
2017/20502 Grenfell Peter John 04-Oct-35
2017/20836 Grenfell Margaret Ruth 23-Apr-34
2018/10633 Reid Adrienne Yvonne 21-Mar-36
2018/2182 Grenfell Irene Emily 20-Aug-23
2018/32025 Mills Annabelle Shirley 18-Sep-23
2018/32852 Grenfell Gary Raymond Adrian 03-Jan-35
2019/11164 Grenfell June Valerie 23-Jun-29
2019/2871 Grenfell Richard Farquhar 22-Nov-38