Grenfell Family History

Baptisms: Marazion 1760 - 1786

(Extracted from transcriptions held at the Morrab Library, Penzance, Cornwall and reproduced with their permission)

Date Full Name Son/Daughter Father Forename Mother Forename Notes
28 Jun 1760 Mary GRENFELL dau. Mr Pascoe Mary
24 Sep 1761 Pascoe GRENFIELD son Mr Pascoe Mary
23 Dec 1763 Lydia GRENFELL dau. Pascoe Mary
27 Jun 1765 William GRENFELL son Pascoe Mary
11 Feb 1767 John GRENFELL son Pascoe Mary
7 Nov 1768 Phillis GRENFELL dau. Pascoe Mary
8 Feb 1771 Emma Granville GRENFELL dau. Pascoe Esq. Mary
4 Dec 1772 John Maugham GRENFELL son Pascoe Mary
19 Nov 1775 Lydia  GRENFELL dau. Pascoe Mary
24 May 1778 George Bevil GRENFELL dau. Pascoe Esq. Mary
6 Mar 1782 Elizabeth GRENFELL dau. Pascoe Avis
5 Feb 1786 Ann Caroline GRENFELL dau. Richard Ann