Grenfell Family History

Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England

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St Mary's and All Saints Church

Arthur Riversdale Grenfell - inscription

Arthur Riversdale Grenfell - d. 1895

Margaret Aline Grenfell - inscription

Margaret Aline Grenfell - d. 1911

Lord Francis Wallace Grenfell - Inscription

Field Marshall Lord Francis Wallace Grenfell - d.1925

Maria Delores Grenfell - inscription

Maria Dolores Grenfell - d. 1956

Lord Pascoe Christian Victor Grenfell - inscription

Lord Pascoe Christian Victor Grenfell d. 1976
Lady Irene Aline Grenfell d. 1993
Aline Mary Grenfell d. 2004

Pascoe Du Pre Grenfell - inscription

Pascoe Du Pre Grenfell d. 1896
Sophia Grenfell d. 1898

Reginald Du Pre Grenfell - inscription

Reginald Du Pre Grenfell d. 1889

Roman Catholic Cemetery

Cecil Alfred Grenfell - inscription

Cecil Alfred Grenfell - d. 1924
Lilian Maude Grenfell nee Spencer-Churchill d. 1951